Monday, 16 June 2014

Nostalgia over the first time...

Before becoming a mass fan of books, I had money in my savings account, I spent my free time out with friends or walking my dog, and my over all personality was...well...self centred and only thought about make up and my appearance. (though that could of just been me being a 14 year old :-P)

Since then, I have read about great adventures, some from fictitious worlds and others different time periods. The day I randomly picked up a book (embarrassingly enough it was twilight), my future path changed forever. If I told that girl 6 years ago that I would be studying Costume Design at University instead of fashion design or fine art, she probably would have laughed at me before putting on more eye liner!

I've wanted to write a blog or vlog for a while now, and though more people now look at 'booktube', I definitely don't have the confidence to get in front of a camera and talk, even if its just in my room, and I'm taking to a camera. The idea that people would see me would probably make me turn bright red in front of the camera.


For my first blog I had the idea of writing about books that I wish I could re-read for the first time. Some are obvious for other book lovers, but some you may not have read before and are a definite MUST READ!!

So first, I would definitely choose the Harry Potter Series! What? You guessed that! ha ha mhm, well, I bet you wouldn't of guessed the Mortal Instrument series and Infernal Devices ;)


Yep I thought so, well as I've got the obvious ones out of the way, Why don't I start with the 'Non Best Sellers', or 'Less Obvious Ones'.

So one of the book series I discovered was when the first one came out. It really touched me as it woke me up to sensitive topics that I don't really hear much about, coming from a great family in the 'Countryside' though before going to Uni, I didn't see myself as living in the country side but if you say just outside of London they expect you to be on the underground, but as the Met line ends just 10 miles from me, I apparently can't say I live just outside of London.

Back to the book, the authors name is Sherry Gammon, and she has written 3 beautiful books (haven't read the 3rd and last one yet, need to still get it). The series is called Port Fare Series and consists of Unlovable, Unbelievable and Unbreakable. They are three love stories revolving around three unusual circumstances. They are all based with the same characters but each book is in the eyes of a different character, finding love. They include real life issues, specifically topics people dismiss in society because they aren't nice to be reminded about. However, the overall message I took from the books where that your family doesn't have to be by blood, though they too are as important as you family you've created. However, especially with book two, though in book one biological families aren't always a treat, I felt by the end of book one, the mum did redeem herself a little (very little). In book two, we also see biological family's can disappoint sometimes, and  the old saying 'we don't choose our families' applies largely in that book. Like I said before, these books stuck with me, especially Unlovable which I think I have now read 6 or 7 times. I do warn you that it is emotionally draining, so John Green lovers, check this series out. And have tissues on hand!!

Also quick note, if you do enjoy the Port Fare Series, I found this other contemporary book with similar topics called 'Heart on a Chain' by Cindy Bennet. Again, tissues are needed!

The next book series is Elemental Assassin's by Jennifer Estep!
I have to admit that there are A LOT of books in this series, but defiantly worth it! I discovered this series last year and read all the books with in a month. Some were in one sitting, others where all nighters, but I got through them all! The characters are written with such great detail and the amount of character history is amazing. You feel like you know the character, and that she is real! And come on, being named Gin just makes you sound kick ass! But then to top it all off, having an assassin name ('The Spider') with cool powers that Elsa from Frozen couldn't compete with, and being nearly invulnerable from bullets or knives with her Stone action, just makes her the best assassin ever!

Also just to mention...on Twitter, Jennifer Estep actually talked to me :O :O I know, i know, she's only a person, but she is the BEST person ever! The fact that she replied to a fan shows that she cares about her readers and that she still loves churning out her amazing books! Same goes for Sherry Gammon actually who was my first friend on Goodread! Not that those two things caused them to be in my top Fave books! Compete coincidence!

So.... two more quite obvious authors, but still a must read. As, they are obvious for a reason! Are Richelle Mead, And Jennifer Armentrout. Your probably hating me for squashing both of them in the same section, but I can't decide between both of them! Richelle mead is most known for her Vampire Academy series or Bloodline series which I do really love! (42 days till Silver Shadows)!!!

BUT, I feel that the Georgina Kincaid series is overlooked too much! Yes the titles seam X-rated, (or if your in America R-Rated :P) But just because the title has the word Succubus and therefore means that there are sex scenes in, and yes I said sex, deal with it! Isn't exactly true! I'm not saying there aren't any 'S' scenes (happy now), or suggestions of 'S', but they aren't the overall topic in the books. They are basically mystery novels and its just coincidence that the main character is a succubus! The books have many themes, and looks at different religions and mythical beings more than the book actually being sex related. And if your still not sold on this series.....Georgina Kincaid works in a bookshop! Have I blown your mind yet!!!!

Also I wont go in much detail with Mead's other forgotten series Dark Swan, which this I feel DOES need to be for older teens. Does have a great storyline and get characters, though the characters you love in the first book, you hate by the last.  Also I can't mention Age of X as I'm just reading that now.

Jen, Jennie, Jennifer, You great author!!! I seriously want to hug you for getting people excited about alien again! After the end of Roswell all things alien disappeared, and then one day I'm looking at listopia's on Goodread and see a new book to be published! Oooo I'm intrigued! A sexy Alien and a human girl! Where have I seen that before!!! Then I read Obsidian and Its more than I've expected, and I mourn over reading it so quickly and go back to goodread trying to find more and more books you've written and I...I...I find the Covenant series about children of Greek Gods and I'm like to myself, 'WHY HAVEN'T YOU READ THEM SOONER'!!! And then I feel like a bad book lover:( BUT I have now read all your books so it is fine! and great work with Don't Look Back! It gave me hope for other amnesia themed books which I had dismissed as I've though the idea of amnesia themed books were silly (sorry) and tried reading an ATB before and was severely disappointed.

So that is probably the first group of authors I'm going to recommend but definitely not the only ones. I've got a lot to say about my favourite authors and a lot more about other authors. And this post is getting very long, and its practically an essay now. But hopefully an enjoyable one!

Enjoy and Keep reading!


Links to these authors Goodread pages will be linked below.

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