Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Not bad for £1.40

So if you are following me on twitter to read my boring day to day tweets (@ClaraBrown17), you may of seen my obsessive tweeting about my local hospice charity shop selling books for 10p. ANY and ALL books!!! So me being me, with this latest discovery, I have gone over and over again looking at their selection of books. Some books I bought which I've already read, but in ebook form so I was excited to buy the book, other books I've had on my Goodread to-read list in ages, and others where just random picks of books that I'd heard about, but not in great much detail, but hey they were 10p! I'm never gonna get a cheaper book!

So here goes my book haul post #1

The books that I bought which I have already read in book form, but bought as I KNOW I will be reading them again as I love them so much!
1. Matched is a book that I read years ago on ebook but never really got into the series. It was a very memorable series as I still remember what happened in it, even little things such as that there are only 100 poems etc that exists in the Matched world. I would like to re-read the book and hopefully this time get stuck more in this series. Also I LOVE the book cover!! It is gorg!!

2 & 5. You probably already know how much I loved Magic Study as I have raved about it before...A LOT!! Maria V. Snyder is just so amazing! I love love love love her books and her characters and her fantastical worlds and her love stories!! Aaaaaaand...Just kidding, no more 'and's' to add on!

3. So...I don't think anyone needs to be told which book this is :P And Yes, I read this series as ebook so don't actually own the book form of Hunger Games.

4. Kim Harrison's series The Hollows is such an under rated urban fantasy series! I love the series and is a great New Adult, humorous series to introduce you to urban fantasy, similarly to Patricia Briggs Mercy Thompson series. The book I bought is the 3rd in the series but there are 13 so far, and I'm afraid I haven't read all of the series yet, but I am up to book 5.

And that is it for the books that I bought that I have already read, and are well more trophies that I have read them than anything! Though they wont be gathering dust, staying on my book shelf as I will definitely re-read these!

The books that have been on my to-read list
Now these got me seriously excited as I have had these on my Goodread to-read list for AGES!!!

1. Daughter of Smoke and Bone...there are no words! Everyone who reads this goes stark raving mad and goes on about the characters you have no clue who.

Well sign me up!! I want to be one of these stark raving mad people!!

2. Next is embarrassing that I haven't read! For my first year essay at uni we had to write an essay about a costume designer that inspires us, or we find has achieved a certain excellence in their area. Our tutor also warned us not to do the conventional costume designers that most people know about, and are well...obvious.

I chose Sharen Davis who designed for the film The Help, which is one of my favourite films. But yes, embarrassing on my part that I haven't read the Help, even though the essay wasn't specifically about The Help, I could of use the essay as an excuse to read the novel :P But I can not wait to read it! Especially about the part where Minny gives Hilly the 'chocolate' pie!!!

3. In an earlier post, I mentioned the British author Samantha Young, and how she can't write a bad book, so any book of hers is a Must Read. So I am taking my own advice and finally going to read On Dublin Street which is a first of three in a series.

4. Lastly, The Other Boleyn Girl is a book classic for a costume designer! It is another embarrassment that I haven't read it, (even more embarrassing that I haven't watched it)! but this just means that I can have a themed weekend. Read the book through the weekend and then do a little movie night with some Graze popcorn I have to spare and a lot of chocolate!!!

That is it for the books that have been on my to-read list on Goodread

The books that I randomly picked up after reading the blurb, or I have heard about randomly.

1. The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets nest is the third instalment of the Girl who played with Fire series, or as I like to call it, the series read by 40 year old business men on the tube to appear well educated and cultured. *Eye role. But the funny thing is now that my sister who started working in London is taking my copy of the Girl Who Played with Fire up to London with her to match the 40 year old men.

Anyway, I haven't read this series yet, one because I've tried a few times and just can't pass the first chapter as its just well...dull, compared to the adventurous books I have read. I sort of got this book more for my sister tbh, though till I have the 2nd instalment it's not that useful to her.

2. Well I love Les Miserable the west end show, and sort of the film, but I have never read the book, (bad me), so this summer I am definitely going to read the book with a box of tissues in hand.

3. The next book is a VERY YA book. I was very indecisive about this book as I remember coming across Heist Society years ago when I was still in high school and leaning towards not getting it then. Maybe I thought the plot sounded bad, but now I think it actually sounds really good, though I do have to admit as I have left school, I don't like reading books about school girls as I end up feeling like I'm at a different stage of my life and its dull reading about it, when I could be reading about things to look forward too, e.g. a girl getting her first job, or going to college, or moving to a new city. Not high school!!

4. I have been recommended this book several times in the past, and tbh, after reading the blurb, I got really excited about it. The Language of Flowers sounds like a very deep contemporary, which based on the blurb sounds like it will have both up and down moments.

5. And Last Looking for Fireworks sounded like such a fun novel in the store. I've never heard of it, but I can tel it will be a great summer read with a lot of humour and good times!!

Officially out of my Reading Slump!

Thank You and Keep Reading!!

Ally Condy
Maria V. Snyder
Suzanne Collins
Kim Harrison
Laini Taylor
Kathryn Stockett
Samantha Young
Philippa Gregory
Stieg Larsson
Ally Carter
Vanessa Diffenbaugh
Holly Cavendish