Monday, 23 June 2014

Reading Slump

After reading several books too fast, I hit a slump.

My theory is that my brain wont allow me to read any more books as it needs time to store all the fabulous plots and characters. It doesn't want to loose any story line that I want to reminisce on later. Everyone will probably say that's crap, but I find that once I've read a REALLY good series that I can't read for days, maybe a week. A lot of book lovers know this as the mourning period.

When I finish a good series, for instance, once reading the Mortal Instruments, my slump got so bad that I craved for more MI. I re-read the infernal devices and mortal instrument series to correlate with the publishing dates. But after that, I then didn't read for two whole weeks. People are probably laughing at me for that, but that is a big deal for me!

The fact that I had to face the real world :O Fake shock horror!!

Anyway, once I have finished a fantasy series, I usually then find a book that can help heal the wounds that the end of the fantasy series has given me. Usually this is a contemporary novel or 'New Adult' fiction series which is set in the real world and is usually some lovey dovey chick lit book.

However then comes the book after the happy, lovey dovey book, comes the sad contemporary, which again is usually from a real life world and looks at deep topics in society, or a small part of society.

And after I have wiped my eyes from the tears from the sad, bitter sweet ending of the contemporary, I am then ready to go to the next high fantasy book/ series and discover a whole new world, and find new adventures to embark upon.

Some would probably say its a vicious circle, but hey, it works.

Yet, as this blog is to recommend books to people and give reviews, why not say which books caused me to go into this reading slump.

So the first book I read was the latest instalment of an Urban Fantasy Fiction series called the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs. The book is called Night Broken, and is yet another great Mercy Thompson story. This series is also one of the great examples of creating a fantasy world around the real world like Cassandra Clare did with mortal Instruments. Its also a great series with a lot of context around the story line, like the use of mythical and religious research of different cultures. Briggs gives us a world surrounded in Fae, walkers, werewolves, vampires, immortals and human politics.

The series is also really about finding your place in the world and is a very beautifully written series about a girl with attitude, who is also selfless and great at baking brownies, and not those type of brownies :) Real chocolate chip brownies!!

In addition to this series, there is a spin off series called Alphas & Omega which is based on one of the characters you only meet in the Mercy Thompson series once or twice, but still become intrigued by the character from MT that you will be forced to buy the Alpha & Omega series following Charles and Sunny.

The other book is by an author I have mentioned several times in my posts, not that I'm obsessed with her and her writing (which I am), but as she has written so many books in this serious, its impossible not to talk about her. But Jennifer Estep's most recent book in the Elemental Assassin Series, The Spider was just Perfect. From the first chapter where Gin receives a mysterious, deadly looking package to the last page of the book was all just amazing. I also loved the twist at the end of the book about the meaning of the package from the start of the book.

Also the twist with Owen was also very sneaky, but I loved that too, and as more than half of the book is set in the past, that must of been difficult to write as all of Estep's other books have a lot of context about Gin's past, and by adding this story, it would have been difficult not to ruin the time line of... things. ('things' is my attempt not to spoil the book to much).

And now after feeling rejuvenated from writing this  post, I may actually feel up to reading a new book!

Hmmm...let me see...Rebel Belle?   What I thought was true?  Paper town?   My Life Next Door (or re-read it anyway)?   If I stay?

Ah can't decide! But you can guess that I've been ready for this summer! the end of Mortal Instruments is just the beginning with Heir of Fire coming out and finishing one of my favourite series!


But as they say, when one door closes another one opens.

Thank You and Keep Reading!!

Patricia Briggs
Jennifer Estep

My Goodread review of The Spider (SPOILERS):

"As ever, Estep has done another fantastic job with this book. I love that she has written a book going back into Gin's past ad that we find out that Owen and Gin meet at a different occasion. I also like the idea that Gin acted as Charlotte's sister from a distance all those years by keeping an eye on her, and help when needed!

Also the weird links between character are getting more crazy, like through Charlotte, Gin could have possibly met Bria earlier than the books have suggested. I also am excited for the introduction of the new character of Charlotte and can't wait to see if she has a bigger role in the next book!!!"