Friday, 20 June 2014

Well Here Goes Another Round...

As stated in my first post, here are another batch of books that are, yes, you guest it, 'a must read'.

These all have a strong female role, not because I'm a feminist, but as I struggle with confidence, reading about sassy women, who are either kick ass, or have overcome all barriers to a certain goal, it gives me a personal strength and confidence to push myself out of my shell, and experience the world.Whether its getting a job at a pub, or talking to new people.

This first book series I discovered fairly early in my book craze, and is one of a few series that I have re-read, over and over again.

Similar to Jennifer Estep's series of Elemental assassin, she has written into her series a history for the character, and past experiences. This author Maria V. Snyder, is one author that I never get bored of. I first read her 'Study' series, which consists of Poison Study, Magic Study and Fire Study. She also has a few novella's which include Assassin study, set after the first book, and power study and ice study which are set after Fire Study.

However, Maria V.Snyder has had 3 more books added to this series which was meant to finish at Fire study, but I guess she isn't finished with the characters. (I write while dancing around, screaming with excitement). The titles of these books are Shadow Study, Night Study and the sixth book is still Untitled.

Snyder also has another series set in the same world, but with a character we only loosely meet in the Study series. It is called the 'Glass' series as the girl has a specific, but powerful power over glass! This may not sound like much, but believe me, it is plenty powerful!!

In the series, it has three books, Storm Glass, Sea Glass and Spy Glass. Plus, if you follow me on twitter, I actually got Spy Glass from my local charity shop for 10p! So basically I got a book that I've wanted for ages, and helped my local charity. And if you haven't guessed yet, I'm probably going to be walking down again tomorrow with my first tip I got today at work! It was only £1.50, BUT that is 15 books!!!! Also a but though, is the walk up the hill afterwards :(

Anyway, back to the incredibly, brilliant Maria V.Snyder. Her last series (that I've read, she has other series I haven't read yet), is her 'Healer series'. I discovered this when I went to America to visit my sister. It wasn't out in England yet so when I went into Barn&Noble, which is my HEAVEN!!!! I looked for new releases, so I could be like, mwhahaha I'm holding a book that everyone in England has to wait for it!! Also Its probably the closest I've got to holding a semi-ARC! But let me just say this, I started reading Touch of Power (the first book) on the flight from America. By touch down at London Heathrow, I had finished!

I then went through a withdrawal stage that most book lovers feel. And I realised that I have to wait for the next book but for an even longer time period as I'd gotten the book in America! I wouldn't be getting the next book American time! I was like 'W-W-What do I do?!?!!?!!'

So I go back and re-read her entire Study series :)

And whoever has ever felt this state of panic, whether from Cassandra Clare's books, etc. You know that it's the only way! But as I've read all the books now, it's fine, I'm great and am no longer clawing at my brain going crazy for more of Snyder's books. That made me sound like a serious book addict :) But hey, we've all been there.

So, while I haven't really talked about the plot, or story line for any of Snyder's books as there is just so much that I want to express and share about her series, Snyder has probably created one of the best fantastical worlds for both the Study/Glass series and the Healer series. The female lead characters are all brilliant, and not similar at all in personality which you sometimes get when an author write more than one series with female leads. They are all individual and the author brings them alive into their selves, both with attitude and flare!

The next author, people will probably guess from the theme of this post (and the picture on the left). Strong female lead, overcoming barriers, and if I add that the story line starts, like Poison Study, with the lead being in prison, and it's not Shatter Me?...Yep, its Throne of Glass by Sarah Maas. I have read both her first two books in the series with Heir of Fire pre-orders. I have also read a few of her novellas online but seriously want the book Assassins blade which is a book combining all of her novella's and it is as thick as one of her books!

What I love about this series is that the book is so original. The world she has created is nothing like any other I've read before. Yes I compared the start to both shatter me and poison study, but the fact that she was in prison is the only comparison. ToG is surrounded with a strong history for how the country is as it is, with the illegality of magic and the disappearance of Fae. Where you can travel through realms, but it also means things from other realms can travel to this fantastical realm...

The series also has the classic love triangle, but what ever you say, that your bored of love triangles since the obsession of Team Edward and Team Jacob, or Team Stephen and Team Damon (go Delana!!). This triangle you want to be in the know about! You will change your team 3 or 4 time, you will at one point just wanting to hate both so you don't have to be on a team, just because of the confusion, and then by the end of the 2nd book (where I am now), your team will be solidified (TEAM CHAOL).

So, my next book series that, I kinda read a little younger than I should of. Especially the third book :P But in my defense, the book covers didn't seem bad, and they aren't, they are completely YA friendly, but this also was the first book series I read that had sex in it, and i didn't know it was coming ('scuse the pun), so I was a little shocked. And reading over it again, It isn't even that detailed compared to some books I've read (now).

Anyway, the series is called Chicagoland Vampires by Chloe Neill. Its about a girl called merit who is turned into a vampire against her will. She then has to change her whole life. Also did I mention that the whole world knows about vampires in this book :O Similar to Charlaine Harris's series in that aspect, but the way the vampire society is presented, in Houses is completely different. Also, if it were ever turned into a TV show, it wouldn't be HBO, it would be the CW or in British standards ITV2, I don't know what the British version of HBO would be? hmmm?!

What I will say about this series, is that it is an emotional roller coaster, one minute you will be laughing with Merit and Mallory about Darth Sullivan, and how annoyingly sexy he is, the next you will be crying your eyes out, especially at Hard Bitten.

Me after Hard Bitten
Woow, used a gif for the first time! Go me! Anyway back to my book recommendations.

One criticism which I have to say, but hate saying as I worship authors for creating these little pieces of heaven (just for me :P) is Mallory's story line in Drink Deep. I guess no story line could have competed after Hard Bitten. But it didn't have the structure that I have come to know and love in Neill's books :( And again I hate to mention it as its like going to Monet and saying 'Yo, your water lilies are too pastel', and my response would be, 'can you do that? NO? Then deal with it'. So what I'm saying is that I'm being seriously hypocritical as I would never be able to write anything as good as any of these author, or any author for that matter. Contrary to this blog I''m not a writer, I'm a costume designer at heart, and love designing costumes. But hey, if any book I ever recommend is turned into a TV show or film, and is filmed in England, possibly pinewood studios (as im sooooo close to it), like Vampire Academy was, SIGN ME UP!!!

A few years ago I picked up a few books of a series about werewolves. It was by the author Quinn Loftis, and I have been dying to finish the series as it was so good but I couldn't find the books. The series is called the Grey Wolves. The series starts off following a group of teenage girls finding
love, with each book for each girl. I haven't read further yet but I want to sooooooo badly. I also discovered that Loftis has another series following a world with ELVES!!! I am really excited to read them as well!!!

And though my blog is basically now sounding like I give authors a shout out if the tweet me on twitter or follow, but seriously, my blog isn't at all popular, and I just think it is amazing when ever an author takes their time to tweet a fan, or FOLLOW them like our Quinn here did (and Sherry Gammon)!!!  You don't know how excited I was when I looked at my notifications and saw this amazing author and followed me, AND that I had read her books!! I was embarrassingly excited, nearly as excited when Jennifer Estep and Sherry Gammon, and Laini Taylor tweeted me!!! had to mention that!!!

Me after seeing Quinn Loftis followed me 

And  I will leave you with the Gif(t) of Emma Stone

Thanks and Keep reading

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