Thursday, 17 July 2014

Unplanned post

So first, apologies to those who just read my blog (and if you do, thank you) for book recommendations then sorry but this post is more me rambling on about something other than books for once. Usually I would bottle up all my feelings and just smile to the world, but for once I'm actually going to tell the world about my life.

Today I was fired from my summer job.

I wasn't shocked, I actually knew in advance that I was going to be fired and I had time to digest it, before going to work and my boss actually saying the words 'I have to let you go'. I understood his reasoning and feel that I acted in a good manner saying thank you for the opportunity, and I enjoyed working there whilst it lasted.

However, thinking over everything, I need to comment on management, and if you are a manager of a company, small business etc. Listen up.

Firstly, at the job I worked at, there were a number of managers. So when you were on shift, you had to do exactly what they told you. And I feel I did a great job, but when each manager contradicts another, such as how you do table service, or put orders through the till, that is when you end up doing mistakes. So managers of the world, just don't contradict each other, have weekly meeting to make sure your telling the staff the same thing.

Second is gossip. I HATE gossip, never liked it, and the times that I myself gossiped, I found I felt gross and just an overall bad person, it only brings drama. But when managers gossip about each other, it is an awful situation as you end up being in the middle of it. You then end up feeling like you have to take sides, or agree with the manager on shift about a different manager. But then if you stay neutral, then both managers hate you, its a no win situation.

Thirdly, if you have a stressful home life, then don't take it out on your staff.

Fourth, if you hire someone, just for the world cup, then tell them that before they start. As if you fire someone just after the world cup, it then looks a little curious when you hired them when it started, and that your first shift was actually an England game. It also means they can organize another job for once the world cup end, or gives them a choice to say no/yes to the job in the first place.

Fifth, don't use one bad day as an excuse to fire them. You don't know whats happened that day, you could easily just take them to the side on the day and ask whats up? Instead of just watching them struggle on the day and then think 'ah this is the perfect way to fire them with a legitimate reason'.

In my case, my bad day was that I was covering for another newbie and went in to find out that there were 3 reservations, one which was a table of 20. This caused me to become flustered and sick to my stomach. I had never felt as sick as discovering that, not when I waited at Royal Ascot last year (which was actually an amazing experience), and not even when I was fired. But I was completely side tracked at that moment, and then the first reservation came and wanted drinks and food straight away. My manager (lets call them manager 1) had told me that she was going to go through the day with me, reservation by reservation. But when the first group came in, she told me to get their drinks whilst she left to have a fag. So that is exactly what I did, but then they said once I brought the drinks that they would like to order food. What was I meant to do? Say sorry, I can't serve you on my own, I need to get my manager so i can stand next to her and listen to what she says, or simply take their orders? Well anyway, manager 1 walked in whilst I was taking the orders and once I was behind the bar, inputting their food orders to the till she then lectured me saying 'If you don't listen, you wont have a job in 2 weeks'.

I was already flustered from finding out I had a table of twenty, but now I had an angry manager on my back. Now this is when manager 2 and the decision maker of who to fire came down. His first impression of my that day from him was that I was being yelled at. I then for the next hour was trying to hold in tears, which I successfully did. Yes this is an annoying personality trait I have that is basically 'treat others like you want to be treated'. So I treat people very kindly (I hope so), and I'm a very empathising and sympathetic person. But this also causes me to be very sensitive and my heart aches for other peoples pain. But in this case it was my own.

So I calmed down during that hour and was feeling OK. When the 'group of twenty' started arriving, i discovered it was actually an award ceremony for the local kids football team and there where defiantly more than 20 people. This also made me confused as it sort of confused me how 'table service' would work. Especially as everyone was eating at different times,as well as drinks, and where paying separately. I asked my manager how I where to do it, at she completely contradicted her own words. Lets just say her whole speech of 'reservation by reservation' didn't pan out. But the day went on and I was doing OK and ended up only slipping up once and ordering 2 portions of french fries instead of 2 portions of sweet potato fries. But in my defence, the group ordered a lot of food and I read them back the whole order and they said yes to everything. However the day  went on and manager 1 just got more stressed and angrier at me, and at the end of my shift, I was looking for a random piece of paper to write something down, and what do I see? My name, just my name written on a piece of paper face down in manager 1's hand writing.

So I just knew. I was going to get fired.

And low and behold, dah dah!!

However that was my first clue, the second was that the day after, the shift rota for the next 3 weeks was uploaded to the Facebook chat. Guess who had not shifts! Yep, me.

So I then open a new message just to manager 1 and ask whats going on? Am I fired? I then get a new message from manager 2 asking me to come in.

So that was my last day at my (1st hopefully) summer job.

And lastly, while these all relate to my experience with the management at the job I worked at, I also am not arguing my firing, as much as it looks like it. These are just points that I feel should be basic behaviour's all people in management should uphold, or not uphold.

Also, when you fire someone, don't ramble on repeating yourself. Yes the person you are firing may cry like a baby (like unfortunately I did), but make it quick and to the point. 'I apologise for any inconvenience, but we have to let you go, we feel your work has not been up to the standard we expect from our staff', that would be a good generic 'firing' sentence. Especially if the person already knows they are being fired like I did. In addition, when you ask your staff member to come in to basically be fired in person, don't start the message with 'yo'. At least keep it dignified and say, 'please would you come in at [the time], to talk with me'. And while Facebook was my jobs most common form of communication,  the manager should always keep their staff feeling dignified and should at least call them up and ask, NOT 'yo, come in at 2:30, we need to have a chat' on Facebook.

In addition, the fact that I knew that I was going to be fired just made me stress over it for longer. I couldn't sleep at all last night, but I couldn't read for the booktube-a-thon either. My mind was just picking at everything I did in all of my shifts, comparing my work to every other newbie they hired, as well as how much I'd improved since starting.

Anyway, back to the blog, as managers, you are there to keep productivity, to help staff where needed and tell then what to do and what not to do. Not to B**** about each other and sit and have a cup or tea whilst your staff do most of the work, and yes I say 'most' as I do know that managers do have other things to do other than serve costumers.

Also I would like to make this clear, that this post is not an attempt to get back at the place I worked at as you may have noticed, no names where mentioned and I never said where I worked. It is only me rambling about a topic and hopefully giving management for small business tips on how and how not to handle a situation.

And it also is sort of closure so I can move on tomorrow with a fresh attitude towards getting a new job lined up.

But right now, I'm going to spend all my energy to the redecoration of my room.

Thank You and Keep Reading