Sunday, 24 August 2014


So I haven't been very organised this month. I only posted once and it wasn't even about books :( Apologies about that!

However I thought I'd update you on some of the books I have recently read and enjoyed since the last time I did a book recommendation post.

The first book is Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. I watched the first episode of the new tv series outlander and fell in love with the concept, characters and the world straight away. So I then decided to get the first book in the series and read it. I haven't read the rest of the series though as for one, I don't have the books and I think I'll enjoy it more if I separate the books to the tv series. This means before each series starts on tv, i'll read the book for that series. However I'm not much of a patient person so I may just marathon them, but I've also liked reading Outlander and for the last 3 weeks seeing the chapters unfold in a visual way. If I read the whole series, i will probably forget a lot of details from the books as the books are so large and they are making the tv series the equivalent to each book, one series. So I would then end up rereading the books over and over again and I will end up sick of the story and not keep watching the tv series that I completely adore! I also like that I caught this tv show from the start so I can do this which I couldn't with Game of Thrones. For Game of thrones, I'm not going to read the books till the entire tv show is finished as I love the show so much and I know for a fact books are always better that the show.

What I also love about Outlander (tv show) is the COSTUMES!!! My heart stopped when Claire changes into the historically accurate garments. Must be the costumier inside me!

Image from the tv show 'Outlander'. Just look at the Costumes!

The next book I read, I read cautiously. I wasn't sure what to make of it because of the front cover made it seam like an erotic novel, but I was recommended it by one of my Goodreads friends and on goodreads, under the 'genre' list, there was nothing to suggest anything of the sort. The book was called 'Losing It' by Cora Carmack. Yes, even the title is bad, but I believe 'never judge a book by its cover'. So I read it and was pleasantly surprised about how well Carmack wrote, and how realsitic it was. As a university student myself, I could relate to the character (to an extent). Whilst realistic, I didn't really believing Bliss and Garricks relationship. However this may be because I couldn't relate to the idea of being attracted to my tutor, but that may be because my tutor at uni is a VERY gay, gay guy in his 60's, who is absolutely fabulous!

However, if I picture Garrick as an Ian Somerhalder lookalike, then yes! Definitely!

The next book I have had on my to-read's list on goodread's for what seams like an eternity. Its a cute YA fantasy book by Julia Golding. The Book is called 'Dragonfly' and is set in a fantasy world which are between wars and Princess Taoshira (aka Tashi) is sent from the Blue Crescent Islands to Wed the Prince of Gerfal to create an alliance. However they are both kidnapped and each side think it was the other side who did the kidnapping, though it was a third party. I completely adored this book and is the perfect book if you want to escape to another world. I was worried before I read the book that it would be one of the superficial books with little depth as it was a YA book and would just be the girl marries the prince yaddy yaddy yah.... but it wasn't just that. There were layers to the story which I enjoyed unraveling as well as seeing Tashi and the prince falling in love!

And finally......the book everyone is raving about. The long anticipated end of THE series ...'Opposition' by Jennifer Armentrout. Since reading Origin, the way they finished the book, I was seriously worried about what the last book in the series was going to be like. It could have gone disastrous, or could be spun into something incredible.

Thankfully Armentrout isn't a stranger to writing incredible books so I knew that I'd enjoy it, but she did set herself up to a difficult start of 'Opposition' by outing the Luxen. However, she did a brilliant job of finishing the series. The book was as emotionally draining as always, making us laugh from one page, to wanting to punch a certain character who is all zombified (you know who), to swooning at Daemon's arrogant jokes, to tearing up.

I can't find any bad things to mention about the book, apart from some of the parts being quite predictable, however they didn't spoil the rest of the book as its hilarity counteracts the predictability. I also loved seeing Serena and Hunter in the book, though I wish Serena and Katy interacted more as they have so much in common. Both fell in love with an alien , was hunted by the other alien species, human but in the know about aliens.


The number of banter and jokes that could have occurred between them...

Thank You and Keep Reading!!!

Outlander (book)
Outlander (tv show)
Losing It