Friday, 19 September 2014

The internet Free Weekend

I'm back in Nottingham!! New Flat! New Flat Mates and a New Bed as of 10 minutes ago.

Hello back everyone, I haven't written in ages, or it feels like that anyway. So whats been going on in my life? Well I moved back to uni last Saturday meaning the week before was chaos with packing and organising what to bring and what to leave. The hardest decision of coarse is the books, as I only have a small amount of space to put them. But I managed and I'm here!

But of course with my luck, what I found once I arrived at my new flat? Yes, the room I was moving into, the bed frame was completely broken. And me being me, a pushover and generally a nice person, I just moved into the dark depressing corner room with minimal light. I also did this as there was only one person at the office when I called the company who are our landlords as it was a weekend, and she was brand new. She became flustered when I told her, and I guess she didn't know what to do so I just said forget it. I probably should of just let her do her job then and there as I've ended up in a freezing cold dark room all week. But hey, I'm in my new room now, with a new bed!! Perfection!! (this of course has to me said with a french accent)

Another aspect of moving into a new flat, is that it didn't have broadband. I'm actually the first of my flat mates to move in as I only moved in so early to be here for the wifi installation. And of course as the landlords office isn't open on Sundays so I moved in on the Saturday, and of course me being Dyslexic, I miss read the date the Wifi installation was, (ironic huh, having a book blog and can't READ). And so instead of the installation being the Monday as I thought, it was the Tuesday. So with no Internet, hmmm what else could I of done all weekend???

Oh right! READ!!!

I read a very good selection of books this weekend I'm happy to say. Though the list start a little before the weekend with the book series I read just before moving. These where the Sabina Kane Series by Jaye Wells. I had previously read the first in the series, but I decided to re-read it before I went on the rest of the series. They are all easy reads, in my opinion, though by the 4th and 5th book, there are some very bizarre concepts.

The series surrounds a half vampire, half mage trained assassin, who was brought up looked down upon. She is taught to hate her mage side, and trained to be her Grandmothers good little assassin. Who owe yes, is a crazy royal bitch who needs a slap in the face. The series then becomes more cray when a demon is sent by a mage to kill Sabina and discovers that she can't be killed by the 'forbidden fruit' (wood from an apple tree). This than creates some questions, and the mage in question, end up coming to Sabina claiming she's the all mystical 'Chosen One'!!! It ends up becoming more and more wacky with stalker owls and secret societies and long lost family members.

This takes a classic idea of vampires and brings a whole new twist to the concept. I'm not talking the whole half breed thing as that isn't new, I've read tonnes of books with characters that are half and half, who don't fit in in either race. Just think of Jeaniene Frost's Halfway to the Grave, again with a half breed who kills vampires. What I'm talking about with the new concept, is that Wells brought in a biblical aspect which I usually hate! Just look at Philip Pullmans books, DUST! OH NO THE DUST!!! Seriously? Can't stand it!

Anyway, what I also felt with this series is that the the first book is a slow beginning but, once you get to the 2nd book its so fast that you aren't sure who you like and hate at any given time. Also I felt that the author had become a lot more confident in the concepts and branched out more in the story line than she did in book one. I sort of put each book in separate categories. The first was more like a practise run, the 2nd and 3rd where going through the motions, and then the 4th and 5th, complete mind blowing chaos (in a good way). This series with definitely be put on the re read pile as it is definitely a classic.

So after the urban fantasy fix, I then decided to go for the complete opposite. Contemporary! I just discovered from Goodread an author called Rachel Van Dyken. I didn't know much about it going into the book, The Bet. And as I had no Internet, it wasn't like I could just look it up. But I had two minds about this book. The idea wasn't very original, and I thought of a lot of similarities with other books. But as i was just looking for a very tame book just for my mind to catch up with the chaos, it was probably the perfect book to read. But as I'm practically saying that it was perfect for being a book that nothing happen in it, hen its not much of a recommendation. Also by the end of the book, I really didn't care for the characters much. Normally when I read a really good book like the book which is my next, I care for all the characters and their happiness, even if they are fictional, I wish them to have happy endings and a good life. The Bet, I felt nothing for any of the characters. They were just fiction. but again, that was exactly what I needed at the time.

Now the last and most important book...HEIR OF FIRE!!!!!!!!! Of course I can't write a post and not mention Heir of Fire. Now this was really annoying as I pre-ordered it months ago and when the time came for it to be released, they said it was out of stock and gave me  refund instead. So, I then had to wait after I moved back to Notts and get it then. This was seriously annoying as I was going to read it driving up here, instead I re read Maria V Snyders 'Touch of Power' (also a great High Fantasy Book/Series).

So What did I think of HoF? Well I now understand why everyone in the Goodread chats about HoF are all saying ROWAN!! RRRRROOOOOOWWWWAAN!! and I'm with you guys!! Though, while I'd love Rowan and Celaena to be together, I think they are going to stay as warrior and queen. Also I think Aedion will die in the next book, or Chaol will as Sarah sort of hinted that Chaol and Celaena aren't 'mates' so the only way I see her moving forward is for him to die. However I don't see her with Dorion.

Also I love that she has finally accepted her title and can't wait to see what she does with it in the next book. Now for the Manon story line. I have to confess, I couldn't follow that storyline, or maybe I just couldn't care less. I skipped most of her storyline. I'll probably go back and reread it anyway before the next book comes out, but the way I think, is that if I fall in love with her storyline too, I'll just have more characters to agonise over. So all I mostly know about her storyline from skimming the pages is that she's competing in this thing with her dragon though they are called something else that I cannot spell. She chose the worst one, and made it the best fighter, and they are on the King Adarlan's side. Did I get the just? I don't know, I'll re read it next year. Though as with Rachel Van Dykens book, I don't feel much for their character, just as I wanted it.

What I did love about this book though, was the Fae side of Celaena's heritage. I loved her training, seeing her become even more of a kick ass. Also the flashbacks, though gory and sad, also was great to see, as it showed Calaena as innocent Aelin. I loved the whole concept of the King and Dorion actually meeting Calaena before it all.  We can all expects much for Sarah Maas' next book (as always).

Now I've waisted enough of your time so I'll leave you now to enjoy your cold rainy day, oh wait that's just me :P

Thank You and Keep Reading!

1st Bk Sabina Kane Series
The Bet
Heir OF FIRE!!!!

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