Thursday, 19 March 2015

Book Boyfriends

The other week my friends brought up something that I believe most book lovers struggle with. That is the balancing act of book worlds and reality. The context of this conversation with my friends was the idea that I don't put myself out there and play the 'game' to find a guy and if i see a guy who i find jaw dropping gorgeous, I back as far away as possible.

This made me question the whole concept of book boyfriends and how it most likely has spoiled my love life for all time as no guy could possibly compete with fictional character, written to be gorgeous, funny and sensitive (sometimes arrogant).

As a student, the only places you really meet guys is out clubbing when they are drunk and horny and you see them at their worst. It is sometimes actually cringe worthy how they try to flirt with you when they are that drunk, its like they haven't crossed their evolutionary path towards common sense and when a girl wants to be left alone. Another place you meet them is through a friend which from my experience is the most awkward type as when it doesn't work out, you are left with seeing them when ever you go out with that group of friends. Never again!

And finally there is the, in my experience, the fictional meet cute with a guy during the day. The idea that you will be working in the library and the guy on the table near will ask for a pencil to start a conversation, or the guy next to you on the computer is having computer problems. But realistically, everyone is studying so much that no one pays any attention to anyone. I guess its the idea of 'work hard play hard'. But seriously, because I want to meet a guy like the characters in my book meet guys, does that fate me to a life alone? Just because I'm not attracted to drunken idiots compared to gentleman who open the door for me?

As a student, yep I'm screwed!

Doesn't help that I'm studying Costume design and Making and the only guys i meet are all gay. Not a stereotype, just reality!

I also would like to mention how authors describe these hot guys so generically as to capture a larger number of readers, only these guys are made to seem to good to be true.

For instance, describing a guy as dark haired with a square jaw, broad shoulders, blue eyes that apparently can look right through to your soul, doesn't mention that he could be 5 ft, acne everywhere (including bacne), massive nose and may even have a beer belly. The description goes from being the guy or your dream to the reality of what the world has to offer. May sound cynical, but guy wise, I'm totally screwed.

Thank You and Keep Reading

Thursday, 1 January 2015

New Year=New Books

SOOOO.... The biggest question for 2015 isn't what resolutions do you have, but what number of books have you put for your Goodreads Challenge 2015!

Happy Late Christmas everyone, did you get what you wanted? and if not, something better?!
Hopefully that's true for all. I received the perfect gift(s), not to brag or anything. However this is a book blog about books and series which I have read recently. And as the last time I posted was roughly 2 months ago, I have read a lot since then.

So the first book I'm going to mention is a book which has been on my to read list for YEARS!!!! If I'd known that it was such a good book, I would of read it so long ago that I'd probably be re reading it for the 3rd or 4th time by now. The book is called Starcrossed, by Elizabeth C. Bunce. It is one of two books in a series. Very cute. Dramatic. And Magical.

The Second Book of the same series (called Theif Errant) is Liar's Moon.

What I found so compelling about these books are the adventure and imagination of the world. The 'world' I imagined when reading these books where a combination of aristocratic Victorian England with the lavish imagery of mansions surrounded by fields, large enough to fit armies of men. However a whole other side of the books had medieval era woven into them. However Bunce brings her own output to the worlds with her cute names for police (greenmen), shocking twists like the relations of people, and a little romance.

This book is worth a read, an escape from dull life. You will escape the city on a boat with your new friend Digger, and will travel the long river to outside of the city where you will embark on espionage, sneaking around dark corridors and meeting new friends.

However if You are looking for a book soulfully for the love story. This book isn't the strongest in that department. While there are hints to a love story, this story isn't really believable. The story doesn't have much development on how Digger and the guy falls in love (wont say the name as it'll spoil it). However, even you who wants to read a girl-meets-boy book, will love this. Go out of your comfort zone and read a fantasy!

The biggest problem for the book though, is that it doesn't have a third book to the series. I felt that it needs one, more for my withdrawals for this series. Also it would have been interesting to read about the aftermath of everything that happened in the 2nd book, and stretch out the ending which was written in such a lack of detail int eh second book, probably as Bunce tried to fit everything in.

Now the second series I read was recommended to me by a person with a Google account called Rebel. I wrote a comment of a booktubers' video listing my top ten books (at the time) that I felt they'd love and Rebel commented on my comment. She had read some of the books I'd listed and loved them, and said she would read the others. That was also when she recommended my next author. I looked the author up and am slowly going through her series. (She has a lot of them). The author is Chanda Hahn! She is an unbelievably good writer, and is right now competing with Maria V. Snyder on my top ten list. probably because the series I started off with by Hahn has a similar start to the series as Snyder's Study series. Also some of the context is similar though have different names. But this did not take away anything from the series for me, and as the direction of the story went very differently, by the 3rd book your thinking, 'how is this the same?'. The Iron Butterfly is the first book, and the name of the series. The twists of the story line draws you into the world full of Denai and Septori. It makes you question who is good, bad, who your friends are, and who aren't. Read how Thalia grows with the development of her character and the emotional turmoil that she goes through. Read about villages floating up in the sky, travel on telepathic horses through the forests, talk to a wolf and learn about magic at the school. (see the tiny similarities?)

But honestly, you will kick yourself for not reading this series sooner. (like I did with Starcrossed)

See Emma Stone is event saying it! If you imagine she'd holding a book in her hands. :P

Moreover, I can't write a post without mentioning an author whose books I just reread, and is yet to write a bad book. I am in absolute awe over anything they write, and am probably most impatient for the next installment for Hollywood Hearts. R. L. Mathewson is creative with the plots, characters, context and witty phrases. Though something needs to be done with the book covers as its one of those that you definitely can't take out in public, god forbid someone browses your tablet or kindle app on your phone and sees it. Luckily some of the series have been given a basic two tone block coloured cover with just the title and author on it, but this could look as equally suspicious. I have nothing else really to say negatively about this author as if I where ever to meet them, I would probably go into shock, faint and then with their past experience of being an EMS, take me to the hospital. Bad Joke? Yeah I know.

Though as their Goodreads profile image is of the moon, I have no clue what they look like, or even what gender they are. I could walk past them on the street and never know. But I guess that is also good for Matthewson as if we crazed fans knew what she/he looked like, we probably would become a crazed mob and stalk them at the cinema. HAHA 100 points is you know where that's from! I am yet to read the new installment of Neighbors from Hell, but give me a break, it only came out 6 days ago!


Elizabeth C. Bunce
Chanda Hahn
R. L. Matthewson