Thursday, 19 March 2015

Book Boyfriends

The other week my friends brought up something that I believe most book lovers struggle with. That is the balancing act of book worlds and reality. The context of this conversation with my friends was the idea that I don't put myself out there and play the 'game' to find a guy and if i see a guy who i find jaw dropping gorgeous, I back as far away as possible.

This made me question the whole concept of book boyfriends and how it most likely has spoiled my love life for all time as no guy could possibly compete with fictional character, written to be gorgeous, funny and sensitive (sometimes arrogant).

As a student, the only places you really meet guys is out clubbing when they are drunk and horny and you see them at their worst. It is sometimes actually cringe worthy how they try to flirt with you when they are that drunk, its like they haven't crossed their evolutionary path towards common sense and when a girl wants to be left alone. Another place you meet them is through a friend which from my experience is the most awkward type as when it doesn't work out, you are left with seeing them when ever you go out with that group of friends. Never again!

And finally there is the, in my experience, the fictional meet cute with a guy during the day. The idea that you will be working in the library and the guy on the table near will ask for a pencil to start a conversation, or the guy next to you on the computer is having computer problems. But realistically, everyone is studying so much that no one pays any attention to anyone. I guess its the idea of 'work hard play hard'. But seriously, because I want to meet a guy like the characters in my book meet guys, does that fate me to a life alone? Just because I'm not attracted to drunken idiots compared to gentleman who open the door for me?

As a student, yep I'm screwed!

Doesn't help that I'm studying Costume design and Making and the only guys i meet are all gay. Not a stereotype, just reality!

I also would like to mention how authors describe these hot guys so generically as to capture a larger number of readers, only these guys are made to seem to good to be true.

For instance, describing a guy as dark haired with a square jaw, broad shoulders, blue eyes that apparently can look right through to your soul, doesn't mention that he could be 5 ft, acne everywhere (including bacne), massive nose and may even have a beer belly. The description goes from being the guy or your dream to the reality of what the world has to offer. May sound cynical, but guy wise, I'm totally screwed.

Thank You and Keep Reading