Costume Designs

So in my spare time, or after I read a book, I sometimes sketch out ideas for costumes for specific characters or scenes. Probably the designer in me trying to be productive so I feel I have a physical thing that came out of my days read, and I haven't spent all that time lost in a book and finished with nothing but questions in my head.

Another reason that I like the idea of posting my images here, is that it will allow me more reason to draw them so that by this time next year when I will be getting ready for my third year of Uni where I have to find a script, play, novel, tv series, ballet, opera, movie, poems, basically anything to base my costumes on. I will of practiced producing designs for a variety of things, and therefore I won't feel as overwhelmed by it. Also I will then be able to worry more on the making side of my third year, than trying to find a creative way to produce my designs.

Designs for characters in Charlotte Betts A Painters Apprentice

Here in these designs are William of Orange with his niece Princess Anne. Ignore Anne as both are awful, but for the little time I did these in, William is quite good.