So this Page will be for long reviews on one book at a time. Unlike on my home page which will be an overview of books I recommend at any certain time, once I have read a book worth reviewing, I will write about it here.

The Evermen Saga

SO I have just finished reading the Evermens series by James Maxwell and wow. I know that sounds sarcastic, but it isn't. I have spent the last month reading the saga whenever I had a chance, which unfortunately being so busy, I had little time for. But, all the all nighters were so worth it. I've found that I rarely read books written by men. I don't know if its a subconscious thing, like as a women, I think that women write better when directed to a female audience or that there isn't enough emotion in the male written books I have read in the past. Honestly I do not know. 

But what I do know about this saga is the number of plot twists and the entertaining nature of the interactions with all the characters. I have read hundreds of series where the author copies the structure of the plot in all their books, but with this saga, no book was like another. Each of the books brought something new and refreshing to the story. 

The characters where epically portrayed giving each of them a great back story which gave them all an identity. One which I don't think I have ever actually read before, or not in this depth. As I have read tonnes of books where the main 4 or 5 characters will have great back stories and you may learn a lot about them, but with this saga, as it starts from when Elle and Miro the main two characters, as children and finishes in the 4th book with them roughly mid to late 20's, a lot happens during that time. It also means you get to know all the characters surrounding them really well in 'real time'. 

There is also the history of the rebellion 20 years before the books are based, as well as the religion behind the Evermen. Maxwell brought quite realistic issues that have happened in our history to his fantasy world to create a unique and adventurous story. One which I wish I could visit again (for the first time) and sad that I can't, unless Maxwell brings out a new series set in the same world, possibly with the characters children???? (I say begging on hands and knees)

I also need to mention how I discovered this series as I read it on a whim, which I rarely do as  actually have a very long list of to reads, so reading something not from that list, is very unlike me. However, I was on amazon and saw the new amazon unlimited free trial publicized and thought, why not. So I went on the free trial to see what its like and if I had money (not a student), I would definitely DEFINITELY, subscribe to it. However, I am an impoverish, £6 a week grocery shop student, so can't afford luxuries like that. So I will be cancelling my subscription, however I loved the fact that it brought me to a series which I have loved so much that I have posted it on here instead of writing a brief paragraph about it on my home page. I will defiantly re-read this series in the future, and hope you will follow in my steps.

Thank You and Keep Reading!!

Looking for Fireworks (In Summer)
Isn't the Cover PRETTY!!!
So I just finished this book and can I just say, Cavendish, you need to write more books, you are an amazing writer! I seriously felt like I was one of the characters in the book, and it was a very British Chick Lit, with references that a so British that I would LOVE to see an American read it just to see what they thought the slang meant! For instance 'Big Girls Blouse'!I also loved that the book was set in the country side as it makes me want to take it to Uni with me so I can bring a small part of the country side with me! I particularly liked the character Catherine as the 'best friend' role as she seriously reminded me of my friend Izzy who always lectures me about 'getting myself out there' more.

Aspects which I didn't particularly connect with was that the overall theme of the story line is very general. The structure to the story line is the same as every other Chick Lit I've read which isn't very encouraging to me for this genre for the future. However, while I say this, this isn't a negative or positive point, more a statement than anything else. This book was a great book to read in the back of my garden in the sun (with a lot of suntan lotion on, don't want what happened in Portugal to happen again).

I also should mention that I got so caught up in it that I have been reading it straight since starting it, as well as taking it in the bath with me, as mentioned before, outside in the garden, indoors, watching the dogs and cooking dinner. Basically everything apart from when I went to work!In addition, the main character Laney, I found to be a little oblivious at times, though I guess for the plot to unfold, she sort of had to be, but this also didn't put me off as Cavendish made up for it with the subtle romantic gestures (especially at the end and the epilogue)and creating a feel good book!

I definitely recommend this book for a summer read, and if not, as it is based around Fireworks Night (if the title didn't give it away), read it around Christmas time, or the Autumn half term!

And finally, the author has a snappy writing style with a lot built in the 370 pgs (not the 300 as stated on the Goodread pg, just saying)as deserves an applause for writing a book that when I'm home sick at Uni, I can pick up a book and be transported back here.

Looking for Fireworks

Thank You and Keep Reading!!

The Passage

So finally, the review that I've been wanting to write for a WEEK!! As you all know, I was allowed a sneak peek at a Beta version of Nabille De La Luz's first book in the 'Beyond Two Worlds' Series. A beta version means that it isn't the final edition as it hasn't gone through an editor. This meant when I read the book, I didn't focus much on the grammar or writing, but on the story line, character development and the concept of the dystopian 'world'.

I also would like to add before starting the review, that the book was originally written in Spanish, and was then translated into English. Also, whilst talking to Nabille De La Luz, I've found that she has a clear idea of where she wants to move forward with the series which I find refreshing, and exciting as I am already loving the dystopian world she has created. In addition, the cover of her book is probably one of the most beautiful this year.

So, lets get on with this review!

The book is set in a Post-Apocalyptic society where radiation has destroyed nearly everything. However, a virtual world was created called Lumen where people are immersed, and are able to live in a virtual society. Their bodies however are still in the normal world, stored in pods where they are monitored. BUT, there are only a limited number of people able to live in Lumen, so 'The Passage' was created to challenge those wanting to enter Lumen. All 19 year olds went into 'The Passage', but if you died during The Passage, You died in real life...

The Passage consists of four zones, however girls also participate in a dance where those already in the Lumen society can bid on them. If they are bid on, then after zone three, they can leave 'The Passage' and enter Lumen as part of the society, and for a year, they belong to their buyer and allowed to study at the university. This part of the concept when I first read it, did worry me a little. But when I reached the section of the book where girls are bid on or not, I understood the ingenious idea, though the scene also was heartbreaking as where many of the other scenes in this action packed book are. 

I also would like to outline what an Alius is. Once the 19 year old, so in this case Kino, the main character, when they enter the passage, they have an Alius assigned to kill them. Alius' have a certain mutation which only another Alius can identify. This mutation also allows them to transform into an animal form in the virtual world, or be human. In addition, Alius' aren't connected to their body so can't be controlled, which sort of causes a bit of a political disaster (Divergent alert). It also means that theoretically they can live in the virtual world without their bodies and be immortalized forever. Which brings us back to the political disaster and the limited spaces in Lumen. This also makes it very dangerous to be an Alius, especially if you haven't transitioned fully, meaning you haven't morphed into an animal. 

So now to my comments of the book. I first saw this book on Goodread and was  extremely excited just from reading the synopsis. I loved the concept of a virtual world from the off set. I'd never read a book like it and have never even heard of a book like it. When Nabille got in contact with me I probably looked like Kino did when she drank alcohol for the first time ;)

But seriously, I found that the book gave us a look into what it would be like to be a Sims character! I loved the 'menus' that everyone had in the virtual world. They would click on the clothes they wanted to wear, and they would suddenly be dressed in them. Small aspects such as that made a huge difference to making the book actually feel like a Playstation or Xbox game, as well as an actual society, compared to just using a 'virtual world' as the background. There are level of depths in the book that makes us reaallly want to play on the playstation afterwards, or in my case The Sims on my laptop, after not playing or thinking of that game in Years, I then spent 6 hours on it?

However, I personally am not a big computer gamer or X box player. The only reason I have an Xbox account is so I can play Sudoku on my Windows 8 laptop. But the Xboxy aspects, such as menu's didn't phase me, but actually made me enjoy it even more due to the thought process which would of gone on for them to of been written into the book.

I also feel this would make this book enjoyable for both boys and girls. Though this is me being very stereotypical, I feel the girls would like the lovey dovey, Romeo+Juliet side of the book, boys the Xboxy aspects, and everyone will enjoy the threads of story lines, action, and the characters! But again, that is me being very stereotypical as I LOVED the Xboxy aspects!

The book, whilst gives us a lot of character development, also allows for extra room for her second book. There is also a lot of emotional turmoil with love triangles and unrequited love, but it isn't the focus of the story for a lot of it. The Passage and the journey before The Passage, is where a lot of the focus is, also why I think this series will go far. But there is a balance of romantic cutesy scenes, as well as the emotionally scarring, tear wrenching moments.

Also as we end the first book with the end of The Passage and a Cliffhanger, I am very interested in how Nabille De La Luz will top that in the second book, though, we do get a clue with the cliffhanger!

And If you have read this far, why not read a little further, the book is released 15th August as stated on Goodread, so probably in America. I'm not sure if that's the same in England yet but either way, I will find a way to get the book!!!!!!

Also Please follow Nabille De La Luz on Goodread, I can tell this series will go far, it is an amazing first book! 

Congrats Nabille!!!!

Thank You and Keep Reading!!

The Passage (Page)


Alienated is the first book of the Alienated series by Melissa Landers.
I first heard about this book on booktube and fell in love with the cover. Landers actually did an interview with abookutopia A.K.A Sasha Alsberg. Hearing the author sound so excited about her book and comparing it to Roswell, made me so excited about this book. I loved the Roswell concept and felt like in the mood to read more about hot Alien guys, without reereading the Lux series AGAIN, as I will be doing that once, I have the last book in the Lux series.

 After reading more about Alienated, I couldn't wait to get my hands on the copy of it. Finally I did and once I read it, it was even better than I thought it would be. I went into the book expecting the girl to be like Liz from Roswell as she was the valedictorian, super bright girl and falls for the alien instead of the human. I thought I'd love the book but hate the girl as in Roswell I detested Liz as a character. BUT, in this book I LOVED the characters. I also loved that the book had blog posts, which as a new blogger I was extremely delighted with.. 

Now while in the interview I saw with Melissa Landers and Sasha compared it to Roswell, I found more comparisons with the cancelled tv show Star Crossed. I lved that tv show and while I understood why they cancelled it, I was disappointed as its been ages since a real scify show was aired, meaning about space, or aliens, not sexy vampires and werewolves. 

Another point I'd like to make, is that the main character, whilst meant to be super bright and amazing, is portrayed very realistically as an ordinary girl. She wasn't exaggerated as being sooo ordinary and the fact that she had red hair wasn't made into a big thing, unless you where Sharon ;) Landers brought Cara to life in a very organic way. What I mean by that, though this now sounds like i'm just waffling on, is that Cara fits the goody two shoes stereotype, however whilst the book flows, we see a natural change in her character as she grows with the politics involved in the book, as well as her feeling towards Aelyx. (Also add an 'L' and hey, she becomes ME). Put me in the place of Cara, and I'll be happy!

Anyway, back to the book. I realized I haven't actually explained what the book is about. 

So basically 2 years ago, an alien planet makes first contact with Earth. Now they are sending exchange students to start an alliance between Earth and L'eihr. Now this alliance first started with the L'eihrians curing cancer. Cara's mum who had cancer, was cured, saving their family from pain and loss. So when she hears that three valedictorians from all around the world have been chosen to home 3 exchange students from L'eihr, she is totally up for it. However her boyfriend and bestfriend? The have other opinions. 

There also is an anti alien/pro human group called HALO, and not the video game ;P Similar to the Red Hawks from Starcrossed. They are trying to stop the alliance, and in fact the L'eihr exchange student aren't happy themselves? They are obsessed with their selective breeding and good genetics. Comparing humans more to apes than inteliigent beings. But If I were able to communicate telepathically to others, and then you meet a species who couldn't? I'd probably think they were less evolved  as well. 

This story is truly amazing and I highly recommend this series! 


You know those series, where you read the first book and feel it would hve been better to wait till the rest of the series is out so you can just marathon them as you know it would be even more explosively better?.. This is one of them. The ending of the book has such an amazing cliffhanger. Not a cliffhanger where something crazy happens, but more of a cliffhanger which sets the next book up, so we know where its set and what the aim for the next book is. Reading that sentence over, it sound a little spoilery, and a little confusing, but if you understood, share or like my blog!!!

Yet, other that that, I am seriously loving this, and am so glad that I read this.

Thank You and Keep Reading!